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Success Stories

We love to hear from our clients. It really helps us to improve our service and makes our jobs worthwhile. If you're a SRC client happily involved in a relationship, we'd love to hear from you..

Here are just a few we've received. Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons but the letters are genuine.

  • Hello Nadine,

    Just updating to let you know I hit the jackpot with Ian. We are really enjoying each others company and things are progressing extremely well. So than kyou for matching us up.


  • Hi Sarah,

    You probably don’t remember, but I joined your service just over a year ago. I wasn’t a “member” for very long (3 days really!!! Melanie was my first match). Just thought you’d like to know that we’re still going very well … well, better than that – in fact Melanie and I became engaged early last month.
    I’d like to thank you for introducing us.

    Mel is a wonderful girl and we’ve had a fantastic time over the last year. Obviously we had no idea it would work out like this when we first met, but once we’d been on a few dates it just seemed to work out. We’ve planning on a wedding in March next year, here in Canberra.

    Thanks again and regards Richard
    PS: suffice to say, if my membership hasn’t already lapsed, it’s probably safe to let it lapse now!!!!

  • Dear Sarah,

    Where has the last 5 months gone! I have been totally lost and absorbed in hopes, dreams and plans for the future! So finally, here is a big “THANK YOU!” to you for matching me with and introducing me to Bryan from Queanbeyan.

    For the first time in my life I have met a man with whom I have had to make absolutely no effort to impress or keep him interested in me (and likewise for him with me). I have not had to worry about that anxious feeling of “does he like me” or try to think of things to do/say or places to go when we are together…..everything just falls into place.

    Our personalities are poles apart and we should not work at all, but we share very strong, old fashioned morals and family values, common interests and a desire to keep our communication open and honest every step of the way. We also have some very strange, uncanny and weird little parallels between our lives prior to meeting.

    Bryan is very romantic (which would appeal to any woman!) and we talk every night on the phone. It’s all seemingly been just too easy! But maybe that’s the way it’s meant to be when you meet someone who is right for you – I could never have described Bryan on paper as my ideal partner– I didn’t know he was until I met him. I’m also glad that I didn’t meet Bryan first up so that I can now appreciate our relationship.

    After being single for 2½ years I was not wise to the ways of dating and I initially allowed myself to be caught off guard by a charming, successful, confident man who stared into my eyes on our first meeting, but then had me feeling anxious waiting for his call and wondering about his partying ways. Not his fault – we weren’t compatible and he was “Just Not That Into Me”. All good! Isn’t it funny how relationship savvy women can so easily allow themselves to be swept away for the wrong reasons when they are out of practice with dating!

    Bryan and I are not without our challenges but we have already whole-heartedly discussed and accepted the barriers to our relationship, jumped those hurdles together and moved on. I’ve truly never had it this easy before! I also want to say thank you again for your wise words “Men can find it very hard emotionally and financially to recover from a divorce, but give them a chance and they will get there in the end.” I am now so glad you told me that, and those words have played on my mind a lot.

    Yours sincerely, Leonie

  • Dear Sarah,

    Hi, just a short note to say thank you for introducing me to David about two years ago. We are now married and living on the central coast, along way from southern NSW. And more exciting news, we are expecting our first child in August, which is also very exciting for both of us. Your agency is the greatest and I would recommend you to any single person looking for a genuine partner.

    Thank you again.
    Peta and David

  • G'day Sarah!

    Love that you used the pic of Andrew and I on the latest newsletter..we are so totally in love and it is looking like my little girl Sarah and I will be moving down to live with Andrew on the farm soon..we've already done so many things together..he's got me driving tractors and milking cows..and I've even taken him flying! Andrew is exactly who I've been waiting to meet..please pass on my thanks to the girls..


  • To Sarah, Kim and Kerryn,

    I would just like to write you a letter of thanks and say that as someone who’s been a member of several agencies, Serendipity would have to be with out a question the best one.

    What you have done for me so far is fantastic and you and your staff have done a lot to repair the damage done to both my personal self-esteem and view toward introduction agencies. As you know I have had some major problems with another agency like most of their clients have (only after paying them). And when I first came to Serendipity I was not a happy person who was thinking that I was a loser that would probably never find that someone. But you and your staff have helped me to realise that it’s not my fault that I have been ripped off and lied to by an unscrupulous operator that was only interested in getting as much money from me as they could. I really appreciate how you and your staff have taken the time to do the little things that mean a lot and how I am treated with courtesy and respect and like a friend instead of just someone who’s only worth talking to when there’s money to be made. Sarah something that you said to me before I was a client that has stuck in my mind was you like to get your clients happy in a relationship as quickly a possible because that is how you would prefer to make your money. As opposed to what some of the other agencies do and just keep upgrading the client and doing next to nothing in return.

    These are some of the positive things that I have found with Serendipity and the way you do things. With the introductions that I have received so far I have found that they have been checked out very toughly you check out both the male and female clients and take the time to get to know us both as a person. And the information that you have provided me on an introduction is very accurate and honest and there has not been any nasty little surprises. And so far the introductions that I have received have been very compatible and we have had stuff in common and therefore been able to talk to each other because we have common interest to talk about. You and your staff always seem to actually want to help and are prepared to help and have gone far beyond what I thought I could have reasonable expected from you guys. In short, Serendipity has done more for me in the last two months that I have been a member than the other agencies have in the last two years. And whilst I am not in a relationship so far it’s not for the want of trying on your part and let’s face it my membership has only just started and I have a lot of membership left and Serendipity has done a lot to restore my faith in introduction agencies and myself as a worthwhile guy that is going to find that someone to be happy with.

    Something else that I think I should say is I have actually seen the look in your and Kim’s eyes when you are talking about making your clients happy and it is something that you do really care about both before and after we have paid you. It is nice to know that you girls really do care about your clients as people. And I know when we were having a cupper and cigarette the other day you said that it really upsets you on the odd occasion that you have had a client leave or complete there membership un-happy. I personal have real trouble believing that it’s not because you haven’t worked your hardest and done your absolute best for them. And sometimes there are just some people that have bad luck and then there are others that are never going to be happy no matter what you do for them or how hard you work for them.

    That’s life and unfortunately there are people that are only happy when there complaining and will go out of there way to make sure they have something to complain about.

    The only regret that I have about joining Serendipity is that I wasted so much time and money with other agency and didn’t join the best one first! If I had I would probably be in a relationship by now. I have no problems what so ever recommending Serendipity to my friends and have told a couple of them that have been thinking about joining another agency not to and have given them your number. Something I have told them is I have nothing bad to say about Serendipity and can only say good things because they really do care and will work their hardest to make things happen for you and if you have a potential client that has had similar problems with other agency or is dubious and doubtful about joining. I am more than happy to have a talk to them and tell them about what has only been a positive experience I have had with Serendipity.

    I was talking to an acquaintance last night that had the same problems with another introduction agency that I have who’s very hesitant about joining and I found my self saying that the big difference I have found with Serendipity is when you have paid for your membership is when Serendipity will pull out all stops and really start working for you. I was telling this guy unlike the agency that we have both had problems with. Serendipity has the attitude of you lived up to your end of the deal and paid us for your member it’s time for us to live up to our end and do our absolute best and everything with in our power to make things happen for you and help you find that someone you’ve been looking for. That would be the motto Serendipity operates under and even use it in a lot of there advertising. And in my personal experience I would have to say it’s true.

    I would just like to finish by saying that you girls are really fantastic and have done more to restore my faith in introduction agencies and my self as a worth while person than you will ever realize.

    Yours sincerely and thank you

  • I joined a basic membership and it was great, but I just wasn't meeting the right ladies. After having a chat to Sarah and becoming one of her personal clients I soon worked out the difference. It was amazing, I actually met less people but the people I met were right on the money, they were exactly what I was looking for. It took a few months but the fourth lady was the one. We now plan to marry next year and start a family.

  • I have been single for a long time. The thought of talking to a woman over the phone and then going to meet her made me feel sick in the stomach. I considered my self to be an okay catch, I mean I had a good job, I owned my own home, I had no kids and I didn't look like the elephant man or anything. But talking to the ladies just made me so nervous it was ridiculous.

    Sarah worked with me for over a month before she let me meet anyone, (trust me I was ok with that). It seemed like a big process at the time, but now I have a Lady in my life that I can call my Wife. I have never been so happy and Sarah helped me so much and I will always be in her debt.

  • I was looking at turning 38 and I desperately wanted to have children. I worked in a professional field usually around 60 hours a week, so the thought of going out pubs and clubs did not appeal to me at all. I tried for a while but I was not meeting the type of person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

    Afterwards I met Sarah and she explained the whole process. It sounded easy. I told her about my work commitments and she said she would only call me when she had someone perfect. After a month had gone past I was starting to think that I would never find anyone, but on a Thursday night around six-thirty Sarah called to tell me about Ted, a gent who had just joined. That was the one and only introduction I needed — Ted is now my husband and we are expecting our first child.

  • Over the years I had spent thousands of dollars on introduction agencies in the city and online. Five years ago I came to Albury for work and to tell you the truth I had no intentions of joining another agency after all the bad experiences I had in the past. To cut a long story short a colleague from work met his wife through SRC and encouraged me for months to give them a call.

    After chatting with Sarah for a few hours I was signed up yet again and this time with high hopes. I met seven ladies then I met Gail and I have not looked back. We have just purchased our first home and have just moved in. I can guarantee there is a big difference in joining a smaller agency. They may not have the big numbers that city agencies have, but they take the time to do it properly.

  • I was never great around guys, to tell you the truth I was hopeless, I never knew what to say, where to look or what to do. With Sarah's help I met the man of my dreams, we now have two children, we both sold our houses and brought a bigger one with a great back yard. I have started my own business that is going fantastic and life is perfect.

  • I consider my self to be a bit of a computer geek. I sit behind a desk all day with my eyes glued to a computer screen, even if a stunning woman walked by I wouldn't know it. Sarah took me under her wing and found some fantastic ladies for me to meet. It took a while but we got there in the end. I now have a delightful lady in my life and it's much better than chatting to people online for half the night, now I get to cuddle all night.

  • We both joined Serendipity in January 2005. We met each other on our second dates. Andrew arranged a day trip too bright on Sunday the 27th of February and we have seen each other practically every day since. It turns out we live only blocks apart and indeed attended pre-school and high school together.

    After high school, Andrew remained in town working locally. Mariel left town to pursue her career, returning in 02 to work for a local firm. We have spent a glorious 16 months together and just recently purchased our first home together. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Serendipity for bringing us together. Due to Serendipity, we were able to meet in a safe and neutral environment, develop a close and true friendship, explore each other both physically and mentally and come to respect each other for our personalities, hearts and souls.

    We support and thank you for as perfect as we are for each other, we would never have met with out your assistance. So we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Dear Girls,

    Thank you so much for the introduction to Doris, we are still getting on fine. Distance is a burden, but it is only a small hurdle. We get along so well and when we are together we have a great time. The more time we spend together the better it is.

    Doris is looking for work in Wagga; she doesn’t want to move over this way yet. But it will work out I’m almost sure of it. I think Serendipity did a great job on my second match. Thanks to all involved.

    Karl (Karl and Doris married and had 2 beautiful children)

  • To the Girls at SRC,

    Just a short note to say thank you for giving me the chance to meet David. We are still getting to know each other, but in he meantime, spending some wonderful times together and thoroughly enjoying one another’s company.

    Thanks Again
    Regards Heather

  • Dear SRC,

    Just a short note to let you know how your introduction with Glen and I worked out. We met around 16 months ago, Glen has taken to my boys as if they were his own, and he is wonderful with them. They have also responded to Glen much better than I ever thought was possible. One of the boys calls him DAD. We are now living together and would just like to thank you very much for introducing us to each other.

    Things were a little rough in the beginning, due to me being married before, but things didn’t take long to run really smoothly, as our compatibility is extremely good. We are both very happy and thank you very much for making this possible.

    Yours Faithfully
    Deanne and Glen.

  • Guess What? I’m pregnant! Thank you so much I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he was the one. We were so glad when you could come to the wedding. It was really funny, not everybody knew how we met, but that didn’t last long with you guys there. Kevin my brother said he was going to join in the near future.

    Anyway the baby is due early September and we have already decided if it is a girl we would love to call her Sarah. But we can’t wait; we are going shopping next week for a Cot. But will send pics.

    Thanks Heaps
    Kelly and Brett

  • Dear Girls,

    I met Tony 12 months ago, and everything is fabulous — this is just a short note to tell you Tony asked me to marry him on the weekend. So expect an invite soon. We are thinking April next year. I remember the day you told me about him, and you said you had a gut feeling about this one. Well I have told all my friends you hit the nail on the head.

    Thanks Again,

  • I would like to thank SRC with all my heart, David is my night, he loves the kids and they think he is fantastic. I have never met a man like him and have told all my friends how we met, I received a few funny looks but I don't care. We are planning to marry at the end of 2010 and would love it if you could all come and share our special day.

    Thank you so much

  • I have just spent my first X-mass with my new hubbi Ben. Thank you so much for every thing you done, I would still be sitting at home alone if it was not for you. 2010 is going to be the best year ever and it is all because of you. You never know there might be a baby naming at the end of the year.





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